Friday, 4 May 2018

cherry blossom shower
the pigeon
changing trees

Published: The Mainichi 6 June 2018

Comment by Dhugal Lindsay in Haiku in English: Best of 2018:

Alighting on a branch has its consequences.

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This haiku received the following comment in Luca's Lily Pad Issue 8, 7 January 2019 on My Haiku Pond:

Comment: a haiku where the falling cherry blossoms (sakura no shawā 桜のシャワー) look really like a rainfall (hitoame 一雨), so much that even the pigeon in line 2 is confused, trying to find shelter. The harmonizing juxtaposition between the two ku 句 is even more delicate thanks to the lack of a physical cut (kireji 切れ字) at the end of the first line, developing an overall sense of lightness (karumi 軽み), frailty (shiori しをり) and impermanence (hikarakuyō 飛花落葉, i.e. ‘blossoms fall, leaves scatter’).

Included in the Annual Selection 2018: Haiku that combine multiple senses

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